Hybrid Cloud
The Best for Both Worlds

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Hybrid Cloud

The right workloads and applications in the right places


The cloud enables change, choice, and enhanced user experiences, but getting there doesn’t have to be in one big bang.  A staged approach – starting with a hybrid cloud model – can often be the most effective.

Hybrid cloud is a key enabler of an Adaptive Technology Model and your gateway to an app-centric world. 

A hybrid solution will be ideal for you if:

  • Your IT environment is large and complex and you’re taking a phased approach to cloud transformation
  • For sensitive workloads, you need the enhanced security of the private cloud
  • For other workloads, you want the scalability and cost efficiencies of a public cloud
  • There’s life in your legacy systems, but you also want to embrace new services from the public cloud 
  • You’d like to leverage the backup and DR capabilities of the cloud to protect your on-premise data/systems
  • You’re looking for a multi-vendor strategy to suit a variety of business needs